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To give things away, consider the simplicity of the giveaway project. For more organised systems:

Focus Language(s) Website
Books English
Giving & getting free items worldwide English Freecycle + trash nothing!
Eliminating waste worldwide English
Sharing goods with neighbours English
Offering and requesting local goods and services English - gift-economy network for sustainable ways of living English, German, Spanish
Helping Share consumer goods with friends (US) English
Consumer Goods (Australia) English
Cutting consumption through reuse English
Cutting consumption through reuse French
Giving not discarding items French
Items German
Items Slovenian

For help with dumpster diving/skipping, try


Focus Websites
Skillsharing (international)
Children & Environment (nonprofit)
Free Meditation Retreats (international)
Offering and requesting local goods & services
ServiceSpace (nonprofit)
Khan Academy (Education)
Not quite a gift economy, but going since 1999! (Invitation only)
All services (french)


Main Page: Free Transport

If you're ready to keep your back to the wind, see HitchWiki, recommended to both beginners and expert hitchhikers. For something more organised, there are many websites which put drivers and travellers in touch for free.

Focus Website
Puts drivers and passengers in touch - Go on Community-Tours


Main Page: Free Hospitality

Many websites put hosts and travelers in touch for free. Although not the largest, is a legal non-profit in the spirit of the gift economy:

Focus Website
Hospitality BeWelcome
Hospitality Trust Roots - Directory of sustainable communities


These days, pretty much the whole internet is a gift economy. Commercial pay-per-view websites got crowded out by free alternatives :)

Focus Website
One Community Educational Platforms
Open source Music
General reference
A good supplement to Wikipedia
Leaked confidential documents