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A prototype is being developed as an add-in for Mozilla Thunderbird.

The key components are:

  1. A pane to display a single Evaluation in detail
    1. Code to look up how to display the Units of the evaluation
  2. Interception of New Email creation via mailto: and parameter EDGE=...
    1. Replacement of normal editing input with a pane to create evalutions
  3. Interception of Sending Email
    1. If the user has input an EDGE evaluation, add it as an XML attachment
  4. Interception of incoming Email and determining whether it contains attachments that are evaluations
    1. Code to move evaluations somewhere tidy, such as their own top level folder

Other helpful code would include

  1. Locally managing a database of EDGE evaluations, e.g.
    1. A column to display evaluations separately from other attachments
    2. A pane to display a table of EDGE evalutions, sort by date received, user, amounts, units etc.

Future ideas include

  1. Code for aggregating EDGE evalutions
  2. Forwarding EDGE evaluations to friends etc.
  3. Presenting EDGE as a platform for other add-ins to use

The aim is to test the feasibility of modifying an Email client in this way and so demonstrate the viability of the concept. Advanced stuff such as Cryptography or clever integration with the addressbook etc. is