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This is the page for general discussion/announcements about the EDGE concept which don't yet have a page of their own. To comment on an idea, click on the "discussion" tab at the top of the page. To add an idea, use the "edit" tab as usual.


Remembering the general approach to try to keep the design as simple as possible, here are some ideas which may be worth the extra complexity:

Discriminating the Use Cases[edit]

There are several very different scenarios described in Use Cases. Does the data format have sufficient information to allow them to be distinguished? (Do we even need to distinguish them?)

'RE' field in Evaluations[edit]

How about an optional 'RE' field in each evaluation, which may contain an ID of another (i.e. earlier) evaluation? This would allow the evaluations to be nested in a tree structure.

Date field in Evaluations[edit]

How about a date field in each evaluation. Coupled with the ID field, this would allow replacement/revoking of earlier evaluations (just issue a later one with an identical ID).