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Online moneyless family meeting, Oct 2010

Living Without Money[edit]

This page is to draw attention to some of the people who have made a conscious choice to live without using money. Many such lifestyle gift economists do not have websites, but some do! Here are some inspirational stories which are WWW accessible...


  • Öff Öff Jürgen Wagner who founded in Germany the 'unideological'(most-possibly 'consensus-opened') "Schenkers-Movement" ("Givers- or Gift-Movement"), living without luxury, state (identity card etc) and money, only exchanging gifts in UNCONDITIONAL GLOBAL(or HOLISTIC) LOVE and offering such nonviolent sharing as way to "(global)consensus-sharing"-community-culture in nature-life on "free earth"; invitation to Forum. Subject to some harassment by parties unknown who apparently object to his moneyless lifestyle. (b-day: May 12th)



  • Suelo, in Utah, US, who asks "Is it ethical to use a bank?", and says that "everybody lives without money at a certain level, and if we all lived on that natural instinct, everything would balance out." He avoids barter and maintains a fairly extensive blog about his life and thoughts. He was recently the subject of a book, The Man Who Quit Money. (b-day: May 1st)



  • elf Pavlik, living in Europe and refusing to use state papers such as id, passport, driving licence etc. (b-day: Sep 19th)
  • Adin in South Africa. Avoiding money for 5 years to draw attention to it. (b-day: Dec 23rd)
  • Rasputin since 2009-08-05 one more "complete" "Schenker(giver)" in "Schenkers-Movement", leading the "House of Hospitality", a project with 'unconditional fraternal social work' as a gift to people in need; since 2013 on pilgrimage



  • Julez Edward (b-day: Feb 10th)
  • Spyke [1], who travels around Ireland as a handyman, now accepting barter and working on a permanent dwelling.


  • C.J. Colwell, A "21st century American" travelling around USA


  • Colin Turner, "I believe that a world without money is not just possible, but preferable – and urgently necessary for humanity to progress."


  • You???

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