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Post-scarcity is used to describe a world in which advances in production technology have overcome scarcity of goods,that should mean material goods being of less importance. The amount of Giveaway websites suggest that for many people, such a time has arrived, even as ecological collapse is threatening scarcity of nature's hitherto largely unregarded provisions, such as safe food, air and water. Scarcity of natural goods and superfluity of man-made goods pose a twin threat to the traditional capitalist economic model, which posits that human appetites are unlimited and that economic pressure can lead to innovation that will overcome any technical obstacle.

Hardware and Software[edit]

Many free software users already live in a post-scarcity world as regards software, which, by its nature can be freely copied without cost. This has acted as both an inspiration and a challenge to those who would replicate this experience of abundance in the world of hardware, where creating copies has a physical cost in raw materials.

The RepRap Project Project creating self-replicating 3D-printers
Open Source Ecology Using open source patents, permaculture and digital fabrication to create hardware designs tailored for independent, resilient communities
Ubuntu Providers of the probably the most popular open source OS
Advanced Civilization Describing a post-scarcity world