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Peace Pilgrim, who spent the last 28 years of her life walking in USA to promote peace

This page is for people who gave up money for some time of their life.


  • Peace Pilgrim [1], who walked over 25,000 miles on her pilgrimage for peace, never asking for food or shelter.


  • Sonja Kruse, who checked out Ubuntu while wandering in South Africa (b-day: Mar 28th)


  • Nieves, Raphael and Benjamin, Nieves and Raphael lived moneyless with their daughter in Berlin, boycotting money for almost 6 years, including a moneyless journey together with Nieves and Raphael from The Netherlands to Mexico." (b-day: Aug 27th - Raphael, Jan 10th Benji)


  • Ibby, who walked/swam across Europe from Norway to the Southern tip of Spain, moneyless and passportless

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