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To help the gift economy movement, go right ahead and read how to Start a Gift Economy. This page is about improving this wiki.

If you have a small piece of information to add, such as adding an item to the list of Free Shops, or if you wish to correct a typo, then go right ahead. No log-in is necessary. For a more significant input, you are recommended to make a login. This will require answering a captcha question to deter spammers.

Media Wiki[edit]


The site uses MediaWiki, the same software as Wikipedia. If you are new to wikis and want to know how to edit a page, then read this guide.

Where To Edit?[edit]

Recent Changes[edit]


Following the changes made by other editors and improving on their work is a great way to encourage them -- even if its something as simple as fixing a typo. The ⟳ Recent changes link on the left will show you the most recently worked on pages.

Your User Page[edit]


Every Gift Economy Wiki user has a page assigned for them on which they can write as much (or as little) as they like about themselves - or anything else. Writing more about yourself or uploading a photo could be a good start in getting to know other users.

Broken Links[edit]


Browsing the site you'll sometimes see a link in red, which is a warning that it links to a page which hasn't been made yet. For example, there's nothing here yet about Scarcity. To start a page like this, first click the link and then click on 'Create page'.