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Abundance, opposite of scarcity, is the state of having plenty. Capitalism is a scarcity-driven model, which assumes scarcity (it can't handle abundant goods, since if they are abundant, there is no market for them). By rewarding those who corner a naturally abundant market, capitalism encourages the creation of scarcity. For example, consider the basic requirements of life - food, water, air and a place to live. The fact that many people are experiencing a shortage of the essentials places them under the control of the market. Economically, there is no incentive to create an abundance (and those who seek to do so may face stiff opposition from those profiteering from scarcity), but there are manifold incentives to create scarcity through the process of monetization.

Many free shops display Mahatma Ghandi's remark that "The world is large enough for everyone's needs but not large enough for one man's greed", alluding both to the natural abundance of this planet and to the possibility that it could neverthelss be destroyed by the greed which is assumed of Homo economicus.

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